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​Best Dissertation Award - Call for Nominations

The American Society for Engineering Management is pleased​​ to request nominations for the 11th Annual Award of the​ ​​Engineering Management Dissertation Award 2016​​. ​​

The Award Requirements

The award will be made annually to the dissertation judged to best present research in the discipline of engineering management. Each university that grants PhDs in Engineering Management or related programs is eligible to nominate no more than three dissertations for consideration (Technology Management programs, etc. may request an inclusion allowance from the awards committee). The current award is for the dissertations submitted as part of the degree requirements for a PhD awarded in the 2015 calendar year. Each nominee must agree, if selected as a finalist for the award, to attend the 2016 ASEM Annual Conference to accept the award and to present a summary of the work during a session at the conference.

The Nomination Process

Each academic program nominating a dissertation will provide:

  1. A nominating letter not to exceed two pages in length.
  2. A synopsis of the nominated dissertation written by its author. The synopsis may not exceed 5 pages (Times New Roman, 12 point font) and should include the following:
    • Problem addressed (1 page)
    • The research methodology (1 page)
    • The outcome of the research and its significance for the engineering management discipline (3 pages).
  3. Place the submission as one document into a “.pdf” file. Label the document: “ASEM-BDA – ‘School Abbreviation’ – ‘Author’s Last Name’ – ‘date’” (example: ASEM-BDA – MST – Jones – 29 June 2016).

A packet that fails to provide the requirements as specified above will not be considered. The nominees that advance to the final review stage will be required to submit an unbound copy of the dissertation for dissemination to the judges.

The Judging Process

The nominating letters and enclosed synopsis will be reviewed by the judging committee, which will select up to three finalists for the award. The judges will each read the dissertations of the finalists and will, as a committee, select the recipient. The judging focuses on three areas: Significance-Contribution to Research; Application to EM; and Analytical/Methodological Rigor.

The Award

The award consists of​:​

  1. For the author of the winning dissertation:
    • A plaque commemorating the award
    • A cash award of $1,000
  2. An invitation to submit a paper based on the dissertation to EMJ
  3. For the advisor of the winning dissertation – a plaque recognizing the advisor’s role in the process
  4. or the department submitting the winning dissertation – a plaque recognizing the award to a dissertation in their program

Due Date: Nominations are due to the address shown below by 15 July 2016.  Submissions by email attachment are preferred (please reference the “Subject: EM Dissertation Award”).

Please address questions and nomination material to:

Dr. Kenny McDonald, PhD, PE, PMP
Department of Systems Engineering
United States Military Academy
West Point, New York ​ ​10996
Office Telephone – 845-938-4752
Email - kenneth.mcdonald@usma.edu

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