Certified Knowledge Provider (CKP) Program


This ASEM program covers those individuals and organizations who are certified by ASEM to deliver ASEM sanctioned training with ASEM training materials to organizations or groups of individuals and who are authorized to offer the Engineering Management Professional Certification (EMPC) examinations: the Associate Engineering Manager (AEM) exam and the Professional Engineering Management (PEM) exam.

Benefits of Certification

CKPs are authorized to deliver ASEM certified training courses or programs to organizations or groups of individuals and to administer certifying exams with the following benefits:

  1. CKPs may present themselves as agents of ASEM in marketing and delivering ASEM sanctioned training modules or courses and serving as an ASEM certification exam site.
  2. CKPs may use the ASEM logo and name on promotional materials to market and deliver ASEM sanctioned training modules or courses and ASEM certification examinations in accordance with instructions provided by ASEM. Any other use of the ASEM logo and name is prohibited. Any training delivered under the auspices of this agreement and using the ASEM logo or name shall be referred to as "ASEM sanctioned."
  3. CKPs have will have access to ASEM publications as a resource for preparing training materials and to the ASEM EMPC certifying exams. ASEM will provide the CKPs with one complimentary set of the current editions of following ASEM publications:
    • Guide to Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK)
    • Engineering Management Handbook
    • Managing Knowledge Workers – An Integrated Approach
  4. Additional copies of these publications can be purchased at ASEM members prices.
  5. CKPs can negotiate their own training fee structure with groups or individuals.
  6. CKPs receive $50 USD from each AEM or PEM certifying exam fee for every certification exam administered on behalf of ASEM and in accordance with testing procedures supplied by ASEM.

    • CKPs will be remunerated once completed exams are received by ASEM.
    • Individuals must apply directly to ASEM to take one of the examinations and receive authorization from ASEM to the examination.

Requirements for CKPs

CKPs represent ASEM while providing ASEM sanctioned training and administering the ASEM certifying exams. As such a CKP may be subject to audits by ASEM to ensure it is conforming to ASEM guidelines and procedures.

To become a Certified Knowledge Provider, an individual or organization must pay a license fee of $250 USD that is required for the initial certification period of 18 months. Subsequent re-certifications, as described in item 5 under Certification Procedures, require a $250 USD re-certification fee.

Certified Knowledge providers must:

  1. Ensure ASEM sanctioned training is delivered to students in a professional environment that will reflect positively on ASEM.
  2. Deliver content that is consistent with and supports the information found in the current edition of the Guide to the Engineering management Body of Knowledge. This is the requirement that authorizes the CKP to deliver content defined as "ASEM sanctioned."
  3. For any delivered ASEM sanctioned training:
    • ASEM the title and syllabus
    • Provide the name of the instructor(s)
    • Provide ASEM a list of participants enrolled in any ASEM sanctioned training
    • Send to ASEM $100 USD each time an ASEM sanctioned training course or module is delivered. For purposes of this agreement, a training course or module is defined as a ½ day session (four contact hours). This is the standard used by ASEM in all training it delivers.
  4. Administer and return to ASEM-supplied evaluation forms for each module delivered.
  5. Administer the certifying examinations using only the exam booklets and answer sheets provided directly by ASEM and according to the guidelines and procedures established by ASEM.
  6. Deliver to ASEM in a timely manner completed certifying examinations according to ASEM procedures.
  7. Refrain from coping or reproducing certifying exams, exam answer sheets, or any other material owned by ASEM without the express written consent of ASEM. A CKP breaching this provision will be subject to a $1000 fine per incident and may be subject to termination from the CKP program.
  8. Hold an individual membership (if the CKP is a private individual) or a Bronze Level or higher corporate membership (If the CKP is a training company or organization) in ASEM.

Certification Procedures

For initial certification and subsequent recertification, the following procedures apply:

  1. CKPs must demonstrate proficiency in the ASEM EMBOK content through one of the following:
    • Complete the ASEM Train-the-Trainer course OR
    • Provide professional credentials demonstrating education and/or experience in the ASEM training materials content based on the EMBOK.
  2. CKPs must demonstrate the ability to deliver certifying exams in a secure and controlled environment to ensure the integrity of the examination process following the guidelines and procedures established by ASEM.
  3. The ASEM Director of Professional Development and Continuing Education (the Director) will review applications for CKP status and determine eligibility.
  4. Certification is at the discretion of ASEM and may be terminated by the Director at any time with 90-days' notice based on
    • Lack of consistency of training content with the current edition of the Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge
    • Unacceptable evaluations of delivered training modules or courses based on the ASEM-supplied module evaluation forms or for other negative feedback from training clients.
    • Unacceptable results of any quality audit of the CKP courses or modules by ASEM
    • Evidence of any improprieties in security or integrity of the examinations and their administration.
  5. Recertification at the end of the initial period or subsequent periods are valid for three years and may be granted by the Director based on the following:
    • Delivery of the number of ASEM sanctioned single training modules or courses (as defined in item 3d under Requirements for CKPs) during the previous period of certification equivalent to the number of months of the certification period.
      1. Initial Certification (18 months) – 18 modules or courses delivered
      2. Subsequent certifications (36 months) – 36 modules or courses delivered
    • Acceptable instructor evaluations from delivered training programs and other positive feedback from training clients
    • Acceptable audit results, if any
    • No improprieties in administering the certifying exams
    • Continuing individual membership (if the CKP is a private individual) or Bronze Level or higher corporate membership (if the CKP is a training company or organization) in ASEM

Application Procedures

Individuals or organizations seeking to become a CKP for ASEM must complete the following:

  1. Submit an application package to ASEM containing the following:
    • Completed and signed CKP agreement form (editable PDF form)
    • Evidence of having completed the ASEM Train-the-Trainer course OR professional credentials including education and experience validating the individual or organization's ability to deliver the ASEM sanctioned training and offer the certification exams
    • Payment of a $250 USD license fee for certification
  2. Join ASEM as an individual member (if the CKP is a private individual) or corporate member (if the CKP is a training company or organization) at the Bronze Level or higher. CKP corporate members are entitled to:
    • One registration at the annual ASEM conferences
    • One subscription to the Engineering Management Journal
    • One subscription to the ASEM Practitioners Periodical
    • Special pricing for one admission to any ASEM sponsored Short Course, Work Shop or Certificate Training
    • Organization logo and company listing in EMJ and EMPP annually as corporate sponsors
    • Quarter page advertisement in the Engineering Management Journal
    • Two memberships in ASEM
    • Membership on the ASEM Corporate Advisory Board
    • Access to ASEM job postings and to resume postings
  3. Send the application packet to:

American Society of Engineering Management Intl. Headquarters


200 Sparkman Drive, Suite 2

Huntsville, AL 35805 USA

Attn: Angie Cornelius

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