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About the EM Professional Development Program

ASEM sponsors a management development program that facilitates and maintains competence in engineering management among engineers, scientists and technologists. ASEM has developed and maintains a Body of Knowledge for certification in best practices for engineering managers. The BOK is the standard by which to evaluate technical manager’s knowledge and skills in managing activities and allocation of resources in an engineering, science, and/or technologically driven business environment. The professional development program is available to those who wish to be trained in the fundamentals of engineering management without the testing and continuing education requirements imbedded in the Engineering Manager Certification (EMPC) program. The professional development program is divided into six modules that make up the executive management section and six operational modules. Individuals completing all 12 modules receive validation of their participation in the form of a certificate from ASEM.

The Executive Management Modules

Module One – Fundamentals of Managing Knowledge Workers – Concepts and practices for integrating organization efforts

Module Two – Motivating Knowledge Workers – The concepts that make talented people productive

Module Three – Working in Teams – Concepts that make teams and units productive and work effectively with other teams and units

Module Four – Organization Structure – Making the organization structure the ally, not the enemy

Module Five – Strategic Management – Use of internal talent to develop and implement strategies

Module Six – Management Systems – Looking at the organization as a functioning system versus a happening

The Operation Management Modules

Module Seven – Technical Project Management - Managing project resources, schedules and budgets. Includes an introduction to communications, risk, and change management.

Module Eight – Financial Management Including Accounting - Understanding and using financial data for effective decision making.

Module Nine – Economic Analysis - Introduction to the principles of engineering economy for project justification and cost-benefit analysis

Module Ten – Myers-Briggs Analysis - How to assess and take advantage of personality types to improve teamwork

Module Eleven - Lean Organization Concepts - Maximizing productivity through process analysis. Understanding and taking advantage of value.

Module Twelve - Leadership Concepts and Practice - Inspiring and encouraging people while improving processes.

For further information on this certificate training, please contact the professional development coordinator.

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