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Webinar - Patterns of Strategy

  • 19 Apr 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Virtual (Registration Required)



Lucy Loh and Patrick Hoverstadt

Patterns of Strategy: Developing strategy for collaboration and competition

Talking to our clients, we repeatedly find that past strategies had been unsuccessful, as evidenced by the overwhelming proportion which were not realised as intended, and our experience is reinforced by many others in the field of strategy.

We explain why we think that’s happening, and present a new model. The Patterns of Strategy approach is based on systems principles and management science and we’ll show how it differs from existing approaches. It is anchored in strategic fit – the organisation being viable and having the adaptability to survive – and we model the fit between an organisation and its environment as a dynamic relationship to explore the different fits which are possible. We use different elements to characterise and design the dynamic relationships between organisation.

It gives a much richer way to explore strategic options, and it generates a very precise implementation plan to inform the execution, as well as metrics which can be used to measure the effectiveness of the deployed strategy.  So the use of a very different paradigm of what strategy is, and how it is defined, drives and enables a different paradigm for managing its execution.

URL for Registration: https://asem.org/event-2490869

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