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2023 International Annual Conference

American Society for Engineering Management

Climbing Higher with Engineering Management

October 24th - 28th, 2023

Hosted by University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, USA

Hybrid Format and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1.     What are the different types of sessions and how do they work?
There are four different types of sessions:

a. Streamed and Recorded (Live Recorded) – These sessions are both streamed and recorded. Our virtual attendees will be able to watch these sessions live, as they happen, and also access the recording (on-demand) on the ExOrdo “Virtual” platform after the session.

b. Live Streamed not Recorded (Live Sessions) – These sessions are live streamed, as they happen, but not recorded to be made available on-demand. This means virtual participants must view these sessions live as they happen.

c. In-person, not streamed or recorded – These sessions are only available for in-person attendees. The sessions are not recorded or streamed.

d. Virtual – This is the purely virtual part of the conference. Virtual sessions are completely online on ExOrdo’s “Virtual” platform. These sessions are recorded and made available on-demand after the sessions are over.

At the end of this FAQ document, you will find the Tentative Schedule, along with session types, for each day of the conference.

2.     I am registered for the conference as an in-person attendee. Does this mean I cannot access the virtual or streaming content?
No. Registering to be an in-person attendee provides you access to all parts of the conference, including the streaming sessions, recorded sessions, virtual sessions, and also the in-person sessions. More importantly, you will also be able to participate in other in-person-only activities: networking, Wednesday’s workshops, industry tours, and social event.

3.     I am registered for the conference as a virtual attendee. What sessions can I access?
If you are a virtual attendee, you will have access to any streamed, recorded, or virtual session. In-person sessions, workshops, tours, and other networking events that happen in-person will not be available to you.

4.     Can I present my accepted paper, if I am registered as a virtual participant?
Yes. If you are a virtual participant and the presenting author, you still get access to the entire conference. We will try to schedule your presentation in the completely virtual session.

5.     As a virtual participant, can I present on a day other than the Saturday?
No. At the present moment, all virtual presentations (presentations given by participants registered as Virtual Attendees) are planned for Saturday. Depending on registrations and other factors, we may add more virtual sessions, however, they will be on Saturday.

6.     How are the streaming sessions going to work?
For streaming sessions (recorded or not), the logistics are the same. We have a camera that carries the live feed on the Webex interface on the ExOrdo virtual platform. The speakers wear a microphone that provides the sound. The video and audio quality should be good. The audience may be able to ask questions in real time during these sessions. The only difference for recorded sessions is that they are recorded live and made available on-demand later.

7.     I see the keynotes are streamed. How do I know what other sessions are streamed?
The keynote/plenary sessions are all streamed and recorded. We have one other technical session room that will be streamed whenever there is a session in that room. The presentations/papers that get scheduled in this live-streamed room may only be decided close to the conference. We will publish a schedule that identifies these presentations by September 11, 2023.

8.     Will I be missing presentations that are not streamed or virtual, if I am a virtual participant?
Yes. Unfortunately, we are only able to stream the keynote/plenary and one technical session room on Thursday and Friday. This may mean you are missing out on some of our live presentations. But you will not miss any of the presentations that are scheduled on our “virtual” Saturday, as they are all recorded and made available on-demand.

9.     I am an in-person attendee and a presenter in a technical session. I do not want my work to be streamed or recorded. What can I do?
None of the in-person presentations will be recorded. If you do not want your work to be live-streamed, you may make a request to and include your Abstract ID, Presenter’s name, and Corresponding Author’s name. Please emails us once you have completed your registration. We will try our best to accommodate the request, but cannot make any promises.

10.  I live in a different time zone. Can I record my presentation and upload it to the virtual platform, if I am a virtual attendee?
No. The conference, being held in Denver, Colorado, will follow U.S. Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-06:00). As such, we expect attendees to present during their scheduled time. You may upload your presentation file onto ExOrdo that may be used in cases of internet connection issues while you are presenting, but you must attend the conference virtually during your scheduled presentation time to present.

11. I have questions about registration that are not answered here. What should I do?
Registrations are handled by ASEM World Headquarters. Please reach out to
Registration link: TBD

12. I have questions about the hybrid and/or virtual format that are not answered here. What should I do?
Please send your questions to the conference committee: We will respond to the query and add it to our list here, and off course we will credit you for the question.

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2023 IAC Schedule will be posted by September 11, 2023.

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