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The mission of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) is “to advance and disseminate the engineering management body of knowledge, develop engineering solutions to management challenges, and promote professional development and networking among members.” In order to help fulfill this mission, ASEM offers regular online webinars. The benefits of such webinars to ASEM members and the global engineering management community have been identified

Some webinars are available publicly on YouTube, while others are member-exclusive benefits hosted on Vimeo.  The videos are password protected so that only ASEM members may access them. To access the webinar archive library, see:

Upcoming events

    • 05 Oct 2022
    • 08 Oct 2022
    • Embassy Suites | Tampa, Florida, USA

    "Engineering Managers as the Champions of Change"

    October 5th - 8th, 2022

    Hosted by the University of South Florida
    Venue: Embassy Suites by Hilton, Tampa USF near Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL, USA.

    Register now at  to be part of the ASEM 2022 International Annual Conference!

    Seasoned and aspiring technical managers will convene in Tampa for four days of networking, collaboration, exploration, innovations and more! Don't miss this chance to get away from pandemic induced routines and enhance your technical management skills.  You could also mentor the next generation of engineering managers.

    Workshops and area tours will fill the first day (Wednesday), with a Welcome Reception that evening. You won't want to miss riveting keynotes, panels, and presentations, with various networking opportunities throughout Days 2 and 3.  Join us Thursday evening for a social event at the world renowned Columbia Restaurant. ASEM will host the Annual Awards Banquet Friday evening. The fourth day, attendees will have an opportunity to reach around the world and join the virtual portion of the event. 

    Virtual attendees will be given an opportunity to hear the keynotes, the awards banquet with a special presentation from the Engineering Manager of the Year! Also, one of the conference stages/tracks will be live streamed during Days 2 and 3. On Saturday, pre-selected presentations from virtual presenters will be available to all registered conferees

    Find out more at

    Conference Registration

    In addition to entrance fees for exciting workshops, keynote speaker events, and special presentations, conference registration includes special awards and scholarship presentations.

    To register, visit

    Note regarding registration:

    • ASEM members: Please login in order to receive member's rate. Please use the "Forgot Password" link to retrieve your password if necessary.
    • Registration without a valid payment will be deleted after 15 minutes.

    When the schedule is published, it will be available at

    • 05 Oct 2022
    • 08 Oct 2022
    • Embassy Suites | Tampa, Florida, USA


    Evening Events at the hIAC in Tampa

    5th - 7th October 2022

    For Guests of Registered Attendees for the 2022 hIAC.

    You may choose the full package to include:

    • Welcome Reception (Wednesday, 5 October, Evening at Host Hotel)
    • Social Event (Thursday, 6 October, Evening at Columbia Restaurant)  - SOLD OUT
    • Awards Banquet (Friday, 7 October, Evening at Host Hotel)
    • Attend 1 Presentation

    Or, you may purchase tickets for the evening events separately. 

    To register guests, visit

    Full conference registration includes all of the benefits listed above, as well as so much more! To attend the full event, you must register at Early Bird rates apply through mid-August.

    • 07 Oct 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Zoom (link will be sent upon registration)
    • 20

    ASEM's Member Benefits: Now and the Future

    Presenter and Moderator: Yesim Sireli, Ph.D., CPEM, ASEM Fellow

    October 7, 2022

    10-11am ET

    This hybrid session during the 2023 IAC will start with a brief summary of ASEM's current and prospective services offered to its members. After that, it will be an interactive event where the attendees will be requested to provide feedback over five main questions:

    1. How do you define “engineering management?”
    2. What is the #1 challenge in your career as an Engineering Manager? 
    3. What is the best experience you’ve had as an engineering manager? 
    4. In your opinion, how can ASEM best distribute its value, content-wise and geographically? 
    5. How can ASEM acquire new channels (i.e. people, organizations) to "spread the word"?

    Confirmed session attendees/participants who are, at the time of attendance, non-members or members with relapsed membership renewal will receive 10% off membership fees.

Past events

All links with * are available to the public on Youtube
Other links are member-exclusive and require login

Date Event Speakers
30 Mar 2022 Innovation Leadership * Wiljena Glover
09 Mar 2022 Reimagine Manufacturing with Liquid Metal 3D Printing Arjun Tekalur
23 Feb 2022 Engineering your Personal Brand as a Manager * Darren Maynard
26 Jan 2022 Strategies for Becoming an Effective Engineering Manager * Patrick Sweet
18 November 2021 Adapting and Influencing Your Company's Culture * Daren Maynard
24 October 2021 Engineers Communicating to Non-technical Audiences Neil Thompson
30 September 2021 The Use of Ethnographic Techniques for Engineering Managers Larry Mallak &
Jonathan Rees
24 August 2021 Interspecies Communication for Engineering Managers Rosalyn Berne
22 July 2021 Promoting from Within: Risks and Challenges of Promoting Engineers into Leadership Roles * Nate Wyrick
24 June 2021 ASEM Program Certification * Ben Baliga
20 May 2021 Lean Six Sigma with a Human Touch * Jose Jimenez
08 April 2021 It's About the Internships: How to Find and Maximize Your Experience * Annmarie Uliano &
Christopher Gherke
25 March 2021 Race Matters in Engineering and Technology * Rosalyn W. Berne
04 March 2021 New To The Job? How To Differentiate Yourself as a Performer Kristen Egan
18 February 2021 Building for Everyone: A Fireside Chat on Product Inclusion with Annie Jean-Baptiste * Annie Jean-Baptiste
11 February 2021 Project Management for Large-Scale Projects * Bill Pedersen
27 January 2021 Careers in Product Development * Joseph Lampinen
21 January 2021 Diversity and Inclusion in Robotics: The Black in Robotics Initiative * Ayanna Howard
12 November 2020 IEEE Ethics in Action: An Introduction to Ethically Aligned Design * John Havens
22 October 2020 Who Will Finance Innovation and What is the Blue Economy? Yesim Sireli
21 October 2020 Project Management for Project Engineers: Beyond the Textbooks Gene Dixon
15 October 2020 Planning, Controlling and Change Management for Fast-Track Industrial Projects Amr Tarek &
Mohamed Khalaf
08 October 2020 Intuition for Management: Hocus-Pocus or a Royal Road? Leonie Hallo
01 October 2020 How Can Engineers Become More Enterprising? Simon Philbin
24 September 2020 Mastering Time Thieves Juan Pablo Lema
17 September 2020 Information Systems Risk Management Erol Ozan
10 September 2020 Leading Change: Designing a Transformative Future State Jennifer I. Braganza
03 September 2020 Reimagining the Health System Azam Ishaque Chaudhary
27 August 2020 Q&A Session with President Desktop Metal Steve Billow
20 August 2020 Q&A Session with VP R&D Hitachi America * Harsha Badarinarayan
13 August 2020 Creating and Leading High Performance Virtual Teams * Atul Kalia
23 July 2020 Systemic Root Cause Analysis Abhi Santhanam
16 July 2020 Change Management: What Makes the Difference between Failure or Success Geert Letens
09 July 2020 The Central America Energy Sector: O&G and Electricity Markets and Investment Opportunities * Oscar Rolando Rodríguez González
08 August 2017 Management Practices of Learning from Errors in High Risk Industries Nicolas Dechy
25 July 2017 Empowerment as a Tool for Error Management in Medicine Jan Brommundt
11 July 2017 Just Culture in Aviation Moritz Koester
20 June 2017 Introduction to Error Management Jan Hagen
19 April 2017 Patterns of Strategy Lucy Loh &
Patrick Hoverstadt
24 March 2017 Managing Virtual Global Teams in Complex Engineering Project Environments Marco Antonio Archanjo
06 October 2016 Up The Ladder: Transitioning From a Technical to a Managerial Role Wiljeana Glover
03 August 2016 Practice and Impacts of Chinese Emission Trading Scheme Dayuan Li
13 April 2016 Managing Business Performance: The Science and Art Umit Bititci
21 October 2015 Master's Program Certification Ben Beliga
10 October 2014 Social Media and the Technical Professional Chuck Morris
26 September 2014 Starting a Student Chapter David Wyrick
18 August 2014 Publishing in Engineering Management Journal Toni Doolen &
Eileen Van Aken
12 June 2014 Economic Analysis Part 2 Gillian Nicholls
21 May 2014 Lean Systems Part 3 Beth Cudney
19 March 2014 Lean Systems Part 2 Beth Cudney
21 January 2014 Economic Analysis Part 1 Gillian Nicholls
10 December 2013 Lean Systems Part 1 Beth Cudney
03 March 2013 Project Management and the Integrated Model Rob Grubb

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