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A Note From ASEM's 2022-23 President   |   May 2023

Dear ASEM Community:

The International Annual Conference preparation is going full steam ahead! The draft paper submission deadline is May 30th, and more information on that and other deadlines are provided here. We expect higher in-person participation, so it is time to book your room at the conference venue and register for the conference. We are looking forward to meeting you in Denver.

We have a new two-part online seminar series titled “Strategic Data Science for Engineering Managers” by Dr. Joe Wilck. It is coming up on May 11th (part 1) and 18th(part 2), 1-2:30 pm U.S. Eastern Time. For more information and pre-registration, please visit our event page.

Our Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is growing. If you are or a contact of yours is interested in joining this Board, please feel free to email me at I will be happy to provide more information and discuss the details.

     Yesim Sireli

We are also still accepting volunteers to join our experimental online domain groups. These groups aim to provide interactive networking, idea-exchange, and mentorship opportunities to the group members (even if you are not yet an ASEM member). If you would like to be a volunteer, please fill out this form and let’s get you started!

We are seeking volunteers for our webinar committee as well. This committee coordinates the effort of organizing and offering ASEM-supported webinars. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email Ona Egbue, ASEM Student Membership Director at and Cesar Poveda, ASEM Professional Development & Continuing Education Director at For more information on the volunteers’ roles, please visit eNews.

There will be another online forum that I will be hosting. It is particularly directed to international participants this time, but, as always, open to everyone. Please stay tuned for the date to be announced in the near future.

It is great to experience the togetherness and growth of our community. Thank you for your continuing support in ASEM’s mission to advance the discipline and facilitate professional development and networking among engineering managers worldwide.

October 25th - 28th, 2023

 ASEM International Annual Conference (IAC)

Hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder at the The Curtis Denver - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


Abstracts and workshop submissions are currently under review.

Important Conference Deadlines:

May 30, 2023

  • Draft Paper submission for double-blind peer review.
  • Proposal for workshops, panels, and tutorials due.
Visit for more information, or 

Secure your hotel reservations at The Curtis Denver HERE. (

Thank You ASEM Sponsors and Corporate Members!

Please visit to find out benefits of becoming a Corporate Member or Sponsor of ASEM. 

Webinar Committee Seeking Volunteers

ASEM is seeking volunteers for the webinar committee. The ASEM webinarcommittee coordinates the effort of organizing and offering ASEM-supported webinars. Committee members’ responsibilities include planning ASEM webinars, identifying webinar presenters, and serving as moderators. The committee meets monthly.

In addition, ASEM is seeking a webinar operations manager who serves as a member of the webinar committee. The webinar operations manager is a volunteer position. The manager attends each webinar and assists the moderator with routine tasks before, during and after the webinar. The webinaroperations manager is a volunteer position. Students and junior professionals are encouraged to apply for this position.

If you are interested in serving on the committee Please email Ona Egbue, ASEM Student Membership Director at and Cesar Poveda, ASEM Professional Development & Continuing Education Director at

Webinar: Overview of ChatGPT

Thursday, 27 April 2023; 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Joe Wilck, PhD, PE, CPEM, this webinar will provide an overview of ChatGPT and how to effectively use it for professional purposes. The session will include tips and tricks so that you know what it is good for and what it is not good for.

ChatGPT was released in November 2022 and is the fastest adopted technology ever, reaching over 100 million users in less than 2 months. The news articles are mixed in terms of its effectiveness, in some instances it is providing brilliant answers and in other cases it is inconsistent and inaccurate. Attending this session will enable members to feel more confident about using ChatGPT for the right tasks to enhance their work. The session will also include an overview of similar tools on the market (Microsoft's Bing Chat and Google's Bard).

Visit to sign up, now!

Seminar Series | Strategic Data Science for Engineering Managers

Thursdays, 11th & 18th May 2023

This seminar series will focus on data science and analytics for engineering managers, providing attendees with valuable insight and resources to help manage their data in today’s world. This series is an excellent opportunity for engineering leaders, business leaders, managers, and owners to learn the ins and outs of data science and analytics. Organizations seek methods to optimize procedures, concentrate efforts, and emphasize areas for enhancement. Gaining a deeper comprehension of organizational assets, such as data, is crucial for thriving in today's economy. The progression from unprocessed data to valuable insights has hastened; participate with us to discover innovative approaches for examining your organization's environment and maximizing the potential of your data.

Session 1:

  • Fostering a Data Driven Culture
  • Level Setting
  • Big Data versus Small Data

Session 2:

  • Breaking Down Data Silos
  • Steps to Developing a Data Science and Analytics Strategy
  • Benchmarking

This series will be facilitated by Joe Wilck, PhD, PE, CPEM, taking place on consecutive Thursdays, May 11th & 18th, from 1:00pm - 2:30pm EDT. Sign up for this series at

ASEM Membership Dues to Increase 1 July 2023

After careful study and consideration of the inflation impacted costs of conducting and sustaining ASEM’s business functions, and in consultation with the ASEM Board of Directors, the following membership dues increases will take effect July 1, 2023.

Professional $150.00

Emeritus $  75.00

Retired $100.00

Student $   35.00

Ascending Academic Partnership $  300.00

Soaring Academic Partnership                  $  600.00

Excelling Academic Partnership                $1250.00

Maximizing Academic Partnership           $2500.00

While ASEM Headquarters has consistently kept a careful watch on expenditures, the economy has been changing significantly for the last two years and particularly over the last six months. This dues increase is the first in over 5 years and is necessary to keep ASEM operations moving forward.  We will continue to monitor and control expenditures as part of our sound business practices.

There is opportunity for you.  ASEM Members are encouraged to take advantage of current dues rates between now and July 1.  Additionally, for those who prefer to renew with your hIAC Registration, we will accept your registration and dues payment at the current rates through 2023 hIAC Early Bird Registration only.  Please contact ASEM Headquarters when you register and renew for the adjustment.  Again, this extension is only available for members who renew and register.  No refund of registration will be permitted if you wish to take advantage of the reduced rate.

Renew now and consider a multi-year renewal.  It will save you money.

ASEM Certified Graduate Program | MEML at Rice University

Congratulations to ASEM's newest Certified Graduate Program at Rice University! ASEM Certification represents excellence in program quality and distinguishes certified programs as being in the top tier in graduate engineering management related programs, worldwide.

To learn more or to have your graduate program ASEM certified, visit

2023-2027 Master of

Engineering Management and Leadership

Since 2023

Engineering Management Handbook, 3rd Edition

ASEM is proud to now offer the 3rd edition of the Engineering Management Handbook. This EM Handbook edition focuses on the practical application of the domains thus differentiating it from the second edition.

You may download this text through your ASEM membership portal as an member benefit. For non-members, the PDF is available for purchase on the ASEM Store website. Hardcopies will soon be available for purchase on the ASEM Store website as well.

The 11 Domains covered in this handbook, each of which include related topics, are:

  1. Introduction to Engineering Management

  2. Leadership and Organizational Management

  3. Strategic Planning and Management

  4. Financial Resources Management

  5. Project Management

  6. Quality Management System

  7. Operations and Supply Chain Management

  8. Management of Technology, Research, and Development

  9. Systems Engineering

10. Legal Issues in Engineering Management

11. Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics

Women in Engineering Management: An Interview with Tiffani Teachey

The ASEM 2022 hIAC Proceedings is Now Available!

The 2022 hybrid International Annual Conference Event Proceedings has been published! You may download this peer-reviewed publication through your ASEM Membership Portal. Once logged in to your account, visit the Publications menu and it will be visible.

This Conference Proceeding is also being indexed and is available through ProQuest and EBSCO libraries. It is available for purchase through, as well.

The Engineering Management Journal (EMJ)

The Engineering Management Journal is designed to provide practical, pertinent knowledge on the management of technology, technical professionals, and technical organizations. EMJ strives to provide value to the practice of engineering management and engineering managers. EMJ is an archival journal that facilitates both practitioners and university faculty in publishing useful articles. The primary focus is on articles that improve the practice of engineering management.

Access to the EMJ is included with each ASEM Membership. View full flyer HERE.

ASEM Proudly Recognizes Recent CAEM and CPEM Certified / Recertified Individuals:

  • Eva Gathoni Gichinga

  • Donald Olsen

  • Constantine M. Koursaris

  • Jean Pierre Dushime

  • Anuj Sharma

  • Cliffton Lines
  • Julius Jerome Canonizado
  • Jason Wayment
  • Ganapathy Natarajan
  • Ashfaq Ahamed Shaikh Omar
  • Abubaker Haddud
  • Jess Matias
  • Robert Swain, Jr.
  • Shimaa Adel Abdelmoneam Morsy

          • Amr Ata Farag Ali Kaisar

          • Cody Mathison

          • Rob J. Gies

          • Carsten Nicolai Petersen

          • Hamza Hakimi

          • Jagdeep Singh

          • John Bricklemyer

          • Mohamed Nada

          • Phillip Power

          • David A. Wyrick

          • Golshan Coleiny
          • Chris Jardin
          • Joel Jackson
          • Nathan S. Kueterman
                    • Aashis Luitel

                    • Matthew Garberding

                    • Benewende David Sam

                    • Nguyen Hoai Nam

                    • Kyle Carpenter

                    • Mahmoud Elsayed Elmohamady

                    • Florence Webster

                    • Ahmed Gomaa

                    • Raymond Smith III

                    • Sharon Raviz-nuque
                    • Hany Soloumah
                    • Tara Ashley Asgarpoor
                    • Dennis Miller
                    • Santosh Winfred

                                Another Terrific IAC in Tampa!

                                Thank you to all who contributed to ASEM’s 2022 hIAC last week.  Your presence, whether face-to-face or virtual, was inspiring.  While the numbers are not quite all in, by all appearances, the conference was a huge success. 

                                Several of those present in Tampa were kind enough to share their appreciation for our return to a conference where all could share EM related practical experiences, emerging and continuing research, and the great joy of seeing colleagues in person.  Getting back to a three-dimensional view of personages was rewarding.  And, being able to see and hear, virtually, from others around the globe in two-dimensions was also meaningful.  The hybrid, format allowed ASEM to support those who’s ability to travel may have been restricted. ASEM plans to continue this format.

                                The technical presentations were informative, challenging, and encouraging.  EM is alive and growing.  The student case competition; well, that was wonderful. Congratulations to the winning teams. If you missed the 2021 Sarchet Award winner’s presentation, be sure to check it out on ExOrdo.  Suzie Long gave a touching and moving presentation.  ASEM looks forward to a featuring the Sarchet Award winner presentation at each conference. 

                                ASEM will be in Denver at The Curtis Hotel in 2023.  Mark your calendars, make your plans, and if you won’t be able to travel, tune up those web connections.  Denver is an amazing place to visit and ASEM is an amazing family of engineering management protagonists. The 2023 ASEM hIAC is going to be great!

                                Is Your Organization on ASEM's EM Program Listing? Are You Part of CEMAL?

                                Please visit to validate your EM Program Listing is up-to-date. Complete the form below to submit any changes or to join the Council of Engineering Management Academic Leaders. Need help? Contact

                                Validate Your Skill Set with Professional Certification through ASEM

                                ASEM offers the two most important industry-recognized certification for technical managers. You can find CAEMs and CPEMs involved in managing and leading at all levels and types of engineering and technology-driven organizations in nearly every country. Over the past twenty years, ASEM has been engaged in intensive research and development to identify the education, skills, and knowledge critical for success as a technical management professional. This work has supported the development and continuous improvement of this formal method for recognizing the CAEM or CPEM engineering management professional designation.

                                Visit to find out more, and to begin the process to becoming professionally certified as a technical manager, today!

                                Opportunity to Contribute to ASEM Professional Certifications

                                ASEM seeks knowledge volunteers as part of a team chartered to investigate validation or accreditation of ASEM’s growing portfolio of certifications. The use of a third-party standard, has long been discussed. Organizations such as ABET use international standards such as ISO 9000. The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) are two examples of U.S. organizations that accredit personnel and continuing education related certifications or certificates. The major deliverable for the Accreditation Project is a actionable plan for obtaining recognized and effectual accreditation as our certification/badging products grow. If you have applicable accreditation knowledge or experience and would like to contribute to this please contact the ASEM Executive Director (

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