A Note from the ASEM President

21 Jul 2015 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Author: Gene Dixon, ASEM President

July 2015 Pres. Release

It’s hot in the Southeastern US. Probably hot where you are too, if you’re north of the equator. Ted said it was dry in Alaska. It can be hot there, too. For those in the southern part of the world, I trust it is not too cold. Seasons change. We change, you and I. ASEM changes too.

We’re growing is some areas. We’re falling back in some areas. We can see that when the metrics tell us we’re falling back in some areas. We know when it is time to grow when demographics change or new missions evolve. Then it is time for new objectives, new strategies. That takes thinking, planning and work (my favorite four letter word, a phrase recently coopted by a major industrial supplier).

When undertaking strategic planning for ASEM it is important to consider our constituents. I’ve been thinking about constituents lately. ASEM members. Practitioners – engineering managers. Aspiring engineering managers. Students. Researchers. Your organization(s). Your employer(s). Universities. Suppliers. What is it that should be considered in an updated ASEM strategic plan that is important to that constituency? What is important to you?

The ASEM Executive Committee is starting to consider a new strategic plan. We haven’t updated the current plan in a few years. It is time to review and renew. What would you suggest be considered?

With strategic plans comes tactical execution and operational level actions leading to mission completion. These represent opportunities for every part of the ASEM constituency to invest in the Society. Will you?

Just an aside. I was talking to Angie at ASEM HQ yesterday. She’s all fresh and back from holiday. Angie’s impressive to listen to. Her first words to me were, “It’s great to be back home.” And then she talked about ASEM and the people that make it work. She told me about the wonderful experiences she has had working with each of you. The different personalities. The challenges of moving headquarters. And the transition seems to be coming to an end. And then she talked again about the great experiences she’s had working with ASEM members. That would be great to capture in a strategic plan somehow. I think she is great to work with too. Give her a call. Tell her thank you. See if her infectious enthusiasm for ASEM rubs off on you. And, please don’t let on that I asked you to do that.

And, really, I do want to hear your thoughts about ASEM. The mission. The vision. The strategic focus of this member driven, member-operated society that speaks for engineering management around the world. Is it growth? Is it value? Is it retention? Is it 2500 members? Is it 5000 members? Is it 100,000 members around the world? Is it solid research with a focus on practitioner application? Is it practitioner experiences that drive research? What is important as we think about ASEM’s role halfway through this decade and planning for the next? What do you think we should be planning to make ASEM standout as service to the engineering management profession?

While you’re at it, why not ask someone to join ASEM today?

I’ll see you in Indy!
2015 ASEM President

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