A Note from the ASEM President

23 Jun 2015 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Author: Gene Dixon, ASEM President

June 2015 Pres. Release

Here I am. Sitting in another hotel room. Its 5:00 AM and the sun is reflecting on the e-glass of a nearby high rise like a thousand mirrors showing the skyline of buildings in a revers image. Just like they are now. Like they were yesterday. And if the fault zones cooperate, like they will be tomorrow.

When I’m looking at mirrored windows, it seems I’m always trying to pick out details. What features do I recognize? Was I near there yesterday? Should I go there today? Recognition is an interesting phenomenon.

ASEM thrives on recognition, I believe. We should look into the mirror reflecting our society and try to recognize where the contributions are being made. Who is making a difference?

I believe every member is making a difference. And it is every member who offers that reflection of service that makes ASEM grow, and brings value to all members of ASEM. It is every member who helps us retain our members. Thank you. Each of you.

There are some members who are doing beyond-the-norm. Reaching. Stretching. Growing; self and society. We should reflect on them and how they add value to ASEM. You can do that. Recognize them, I mean. Here’s my request. Go to www.asem.org click on awards and reflect back to the society what you see reflected in those individuals who are working to make ASEM a better value for all of us.

Metrics are like reflections in a mirror. Recognition of members is a form of metrics. We need something to show us—remind us—of where we’ve come from and how we are doing. Metrics show us if we are on the right track. Going the right way. Growing or falling behind. Do we reflect on newer members stepping up to random acts of leadership? In practice. In research. In learning.

What are the important metrics for ASEM for you? Maybe it is some measure of growth? Or value? Or retention?

A growing society is a living society that provides value to new and retained members. What growth metric reflects a vibrant ASEM? Could it be 250 additional members between now and the 2015 IAC? Maybe 2020 in 2020 to adapt a thought from EMJ Editor Toni Doolen. Or more. If we each ask someone to join us, we could. We should.

For value, increased IAC attendance and EMBoK or Handbook visibility means we have products that students and professionals value. Get it? Got it? Then use it; sell it.

For retention, steady renewal of your membership. And mine.

Metrics are the mirror that let us recognize growth, value, retention. Metrics let us know how well our practice of EM informs EM research and how EM research informs the practice of EM (thanks for that feedback, Jesse Kamm).

 - Gene
Image Credit: https://download.unsplash.com/photo-1431095453609-39248a38138e

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