A Note form the ASEM President

20 Jan 2015 7:00 AM | Anonymous

Author: Gene Dixon, ASEM President

First some announcements regarding increasing the value of your ASEM membership:

1) We are finalizing the transition to ASEM World HQ in Huntsville. I visited there January 5, 2015 and met with Angie Cornelius, ASEM Office Manager. The complex has eye appeal and provides business services approaching best in class. A spacious conference room and an ideal training/meeting facility are key features. This will be good for the growth of the organization and the increased support services will give us new opportunities to provide more member value.

2) As you now know, the ASEM has gone to annual membership renewals. By moving to an annual basis, we will avoid the end of the year hassle for members to make sure dues are paid up. From an (engineering) management point of view, a flatter revenue stream will support improved fiscal planning.

It keeps getting better: 

3) Our Communications Committee is continuing the push for greater member value. Led by committee chair Brian Smith and facilitated by ASEM’s Webmaster Nate McGinnis, the process of making IAC proceedings available for members through our webpage is well under way. Take a look. Find that old proceeding. No, the one that you wrote. This is an ongoing effort so bear with us as we refine and improve how everything is listed, indexed and accessed. Still, it is more value for you.

4) The Engineering Management Journal is getting a new publisher. We have completed negotiations with Taylor and Francis as our new publisher. This will provide greater visibility and increased availability of our flagship publications. This should help with the journal’s impact factor as well.

Now for an encore. What would you suggest?

Here are a couple of opportunities for you to add value, grow the society and maybe even retain members. Invite someone to join. In a push for 1000, 2000 or 5000 members, it only takes a brief discussion with a colleague. If you believe in this society, why not?

And, what if the Indy IAC was an IAC with 500 attendees? How could that happen? What if each of us invited someone to attend the 2015 IAC? No doubt it would scare the planning committee. That would be a good scare. Just think of the headlines “The ASEM 500”.

Growth, value, retention. Easy to remember. Easy to do - just ask someone. Easy to enjoy. Growth will give us more opportunities to add value. Added value makes it easier to find a reason to renew.

Remember the challenge from the last eNews. Well here’s a thank you to all who shared with me your goals for 2015. You guys are good! You think big! You have in mind what is important for all of us. And you certainly know how to challenge the ASEM officers to keep things moving. Truly, I appreciate your encouragement. Now, works shoes on. Sleeves rolled up. Let’s make it happen. For you. For ASEM.

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Lawrence Livermore

National Lab

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