Good News in a Short Post

06 Oct 2015 5:14 PM | Anonymous
Just as many of President Dixon's posts begin, I too am sitting in a hotel and reflecting. We've had an exciting few days at, as you can see. The new website is bright and modern, with a consistent and professional flow. I'll admit that I haven't learned to use all of the new site functionality, but I can speak to many of the highlights. Of course, the new blog is a favorite of mine. I also look forward to using the forums to help facilitate communication with all ASEM members and committees. What you might not see is the improved data quality, the real hero of the transition. The good folks at the ASEM World Headquarters were the workhorses in this project, and it's my hope that the new tools help each of them with their tasks.

With the initial conversion complete, you can expect to see additional changes roll out over the next weeks and months. Content will be expanded and updated, and some additional functionality will be developed. If you see something that needs to change, or maybe identify something that's mising, be sure to post in the forums and let us know. Each of us has a role in making ASEM a world-class professional association.

That's just the begining. The 2015 IAC kicks off tomorrow with Board Meetings and industry tours for conference attendees. I look forward to seeing you - meeting you, if I haven't already - in Indianapolis. Travel safely!

Tricia Simo Kush is a certified Professional Engineering Manager with a background in Information Technology and a goal to take her career to a higher level through Engineering Management. She graduated from the MEM program at St. Cloud State University in 2010. To her, Engineering Management is a fascinating mix of technology and business, people and process. She is constantly seeing the ways that Engineering Management spans industries and helps everyone to become effective leaders. Follow her on Twitter (@TSimoKush) or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

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