Will You Be At The 2016 IAC?

17 Oct 2016 4:00 PM | Anonymous

Hello! I have a short post to share with you in anticipation of the upcoming International Annual Conference, held in Concord, North Carolina from 27OCT-29OCT2016. I have the links for this event right here and ready for you to visit!

IAC 2016 Conference Information

IAC 2016 Conference Schedule of Activities

There is a lot to see, say, hear and do in a compressed time frame. This makes for both a fun and exhausting event, trust me!

If you review the schedule, you will see that Major General (M Sc Eng) Albert Husniaux, the Engineering Manager of the Year, will be attending the conference as well. One activity that I am performing at the IAC is interviewing our winner. Along with Alice Squires, PhD, CSEP-Acq, PMP, PEM, we have the privilege of sitting down and learning more about his background, goals and vision for Engineering Management.

If there is a question that you would like to have asked, post it here or reach out to me via social media (LinkedIn, Twitter). As time permits, I will be happy to include your inquiry in the interview.

Also, please post if you are planning to attend the conference. I would love to catch up, introduce myself and wish you an awesome conference in person; travel safely!

Tricia Simo Kush is a certified Professional Engineering Manager with a background in Information Technology and a goal to take her career to a higher level through Engineering Management. She graduated from the MEM program at St. Cloud State University in 2010. To her, Engineering Management is a fascinating mix of technology and business, people and process. She is constantly seeing the ways that Engineering Management spans many industries and helps everyone to become effective leaders. Follow her on Twitter (@TSimoKush) or check out her profile on LinkedIn.


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