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Professional Training Program in Engineering Management Launched in the Philippines

03 Dec 2017 12:30 PM | Anonymous
By Engr. Jesus "Jess" N. Matias, ME, CPEM, PMP

The National Engineering Center, the industry provider of engineering services of the University of the Philippines – College of Engineering will launch a training program in engineering management for practicing engineers this coming April to May 2018.

The program will introduce the engineering management body of knowledge (EMBOK) of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) to local industry practitioners.  Philippine companies have long sought for a framework that will equip engineers and other related professionals with competencies needed to manage organizations and highly-technical processes; this new collaboration between the UP-NEC and the ASEM hopes to fulfill that need.

The program will consist of fifty-six training hours of lectures and workshops based on the ASEM EMBOK including a simulated examination for the ASEM CPEM certification.  Satisfactory completion of all requirements, as well as a passing grade in the final examination, will earn for the program participant the “Professional Certificate in Engineering Management”, a new credential which is expected to help young practicing engineers become recognized for upper management positions.  

Successful completers of the program will then be highly encouraged to obtain the internationally-recognized Certified Professional in Engineering Management (CPEM) credential of the ASEM.  In order to facilitate the ASEM examination process, the UP-NEC may soon seek to become an ASEM-accredited online examination proctor.  

The program is designed and will be facilitated by Engr. Jesus N. Matias, ME, CPEM, PMP, who has more than thirty years in experience in the business of construction contracting, as well as close to twenty years in lecturing experience at the UP-NEC for various training programs related to construction project management.  He is a Certified Professional in Engineering Management (ASEM), a Project Management Professional (PMI) and a practicing mechanical engineer with technical specializations in steel construction and cost engineering.  He is also a faculty member of the Institute of Civil Engineering in UP, a co-author of a textbook in Engineering Economy and an award-winning author of books on spirituality.

The University of the Philippines has long been considered the country’s premier educational institution and its College of Engineering is among the most renowned schools of engineering excellence, with unparalleled international credibility, producing many of the Philippines’ most respected names in academe, government and industry.

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