11 Tips to Building High Performance Teams

28 Jul 2019 11:52 AM | Annmarie Uliano (Administrator)

by Atul Kalia

Google the phrase “High Performance Teams” and you will find 534,000 results - articles, books and other “expert” opinions.

I had the opportunity to interact with 11 engineering leaders last month. This was during a 5 day engineering management workshop that I lead for professionals from Automotive, Aerospace, Off-Highway and Heavy Truck industries.

While covering the topic of High Performance Teams, I asked, “What has worked well for you in creating High Performance Teams?”

Each leader provided 1 response. Their responses are captured in the image accompanying this article. Each response is also included in the body of this post, with a short text elaborating the tip. I felt their responses were at par or better than what most “experts” cite. Hence, I am sharing the responses from these practicing leaders in this article. So here they are:

  1. Give Team Credit
  2. Avoid Blame – Work on Solution
  3. Celebrate successes
  4. Work on tasks together outside of work
  5. Weekly learning sessions – presentations
  6. Filling in for others when out - Cross Training
  7. Charisma – Relationship building
  8. Schedule frequent face to face even when some team members may be remote. Call outside of work related calls
  9. Give and receive – Reciprocity
  10. Informal Information gathering
  11. Training/Learning – Professional Growth

What tips can you share? What has worked well for you in building High Performance Teams?

To read this article in its entirety, including details around each of the 11 tips, see: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/11-tips-building-high-performance-teams-atul-kalia/

About the Author

Atul Kalia is Professional Membership Director for ASEM. Atul is passionate about enabling success for individuals, teams and organizations. This success manifests itself as professional growth for individuals, successful delivery of complex programs by high performance teams, and sustainable profitability for organizations. Atul achieves this through coaching, competency development workshops, facilitation and consulting. He consults in new product development, organizational development, agile project management and continuous improvement.

Atul led and coached many global teams during his corporate career of 20+ years, which successfully launched many complex and innovative programs. He held various positions of progressively increasing seniority during his corporate career and worked as the Director of Engineering for a Manufacturing firm before starting his own consulting firm, SN Group LLC.

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